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Rate Updates and Quick Close Specials

RATES RATES RATES!! Water cooler talk has ramped up this week over rates! So many people are asking are rates going down even further? How long can they be this low? Speculation is rampant!






 Quick Close Specials are the best available rates from lenders. They are normally not available for Rate Holds/Preapprovals. If you are closing in the next 30 - 45 days.

Todays Quick Close Specials

*5 year fixed 2.59 and 2.79 with our realtor ** High Ratio/Exemplary credit close by

*5 year variable 2.80 and 2.75 with our realtor


Rate Hold for 120 days.

*5 year variable 3.00 and 2.95 with our realtor 

*5 yr. fixed 3.19 and 3.14 with our realtor


Rate hold typically have a higher rate than quick close specials. Buyingblock will get you the quick close special rate as you get closer to your closing date. Fill in the form to get rate updates emailed to you.

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