In the News
September 20, 2009: announces plan to help groups to fundraise.
September 19, 2009: Who is and what's so special about them?
September 14, 2009: Bruce Whitaker discusses creative ways of buying a home now - in the Toronto Star.
September 1, 2009: Habitat for Humanity and partner to raise funds.
September 1, 2009: TDSB and partner to raise funds for schools.
August 26, 2009: announces Ambassador program for client referrals.
July 24, 2009: introduces the Daily Deal. New home buyers are currently seeking real estate deals. responds by introducing the Daily Deal.
April 17, 2009: launches site redesign based on feedback from Homebuyers
March 9, 2009: introduces animated video to help Homebuyers understand the process
February 22, 2009: adds new service - Energy Audit
January 15, 2009: offers co-buying option where homebuyers can buy together
December 2, 2008: and are working together to make life easier for home buyers.
June 26, 2008: on Breakfast Television

June 20, 2008: Toronto Sun: "One-stop home buying shop"
June 2, 2008: "Q & A: Finding the right home and location for you"
April 23, 2008: EYE WEEKLY: "Room to Grow"
April 4, 2008: on Global News.

April 4, 2008: Gives Back to Dufferin Grove Park
"From Bruce Whitaker, five pairs of new kids' skates for the loaner collection, one for each mortgage sold through Bruce's Buying Block venture ( And finally, maybe because Simon and Sylvie brought good luck, or the stars were in a very good configuration, those gifts were followed by another even bigger one."
March 18, 2008: Confidence Bound - So you want to be an entrepreneur.
January 25, 2008: Buyingblock helps Tapshoes and Tutus pay for families who can't afford dancing lessons.
January 25, 2008: Reducing Home Buying Stress.
January 18, 2008: Home Buyers Benefit from one-stop shopping.