Home CONCIERGE For Real Estate Agents

Concierge is a web solution for clients to access via your site.

Concierge empowers home buyers and sellers to source all of their service needs in one place from sourcing a mortgage to securing home and life insurance to finding an inspector and lawyer to getting a moving quote to arranging phone/internet/cable to home maintenance.

Better yet, clients are assured competitive pricing through a competitive quoting process.

Think of it as a clients one stop shop for home buying and selling.

Benefits for You.
You will no longer have to facilitate and manage provider referrals. Your clients will be able to source providers directly through the solution. The providers can be selected by you.
Your services will be more appealing to prospective clients as you will have additional value to offer.
Your client retention will improve through ongoing positive connection with your clients without requiring your time (e.g.your clients are automatically reminded of home maintenance needs).
You will attract more referrals from providers as all of your referrals can be tracked and communicated monthly between yourself and your providers.
You will ensure favorable client satisfaction throughout the process as clients will be surveyed regularly.
You will attract more referrals with 'the Share Concierge' link.
Please respond to concierge@buyingblock.com for a demonstration.
Benefits for your Client.
Clients source all providers in one convenient location.
Clients get competitive pricing.
Clients are happy to receive referrals of reputable providers.
Clients like that only one credit report is required.
Clients appreciate that there is someone coordinating the total experience and making sure that the service experience meets expectations.
Clients like the Home Maintenance Reminder and Deal Alert.